Eco-Luxury in the Heart of Chiang Rai: Visama Mae Chan

by | Oct 9, 2023

Discover Visama Mae Chan in Chiang Rai, where luxurious tented retreats harmoniously blend with Lanna culture and sustainable practices.

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Chiang Rai’s New Gem: The Sustainable Elegance of Visama Mae Chan Luxury Tented Camp. Nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Chiang Rai in northern Thailand, the newly unveiled ‘Visama Mae Chan’ offers a luxurious tented camp experience that seamlessly marries the rich Lanna culture with modern comforts. Visama Mae Chan marks Visama Hospitality Group (VHG) Asia’s debut in luxury lodges, blending comfort with sustainable and responsible tourism.

Chiang Rai’s Visama Mae Chan: A Retreat Rooted in Culture and Nature

The camp’s design philosophy is evident in its 10 luxuriously appointed tents, each named after hill tribes such as “Akha”, “Lahu”, “Yao”, and “Hmong”. These tents, ranging from a spacious 48 to 80 sqm, come with an additional 12 or 20 sqm veranda, offering guests panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. And while the camp promises an immersive nature experience, it doesn’t compromise on luxury. Each tent is equipped with modern amenities like air conditioning, espresso machines, WiFi, rain showers, and a 24-hour concierge service, ensuring guests feel pampered at every turn.

Visama Mae Chan’s culinary offerings are a celebration of the region’s rich heritage. At the Reu Doo Gaan restaurant, guests can indulge in the best of Lanna fare, with a menu that boasts local farm-to-table organic options alongside international favorites. The dining experience here is not just confined to the restaurant. Guests can indulge in private picnics and foraging adventures.

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Wild lux in Chiang Rai: Visama Mae Chan

The camp offers curated two- to four-day “journeys”, each crafted around unique themes. From farm-to-table dining and Lanna cultural immersion to artistic exploration and outdoor adventures, the experiences at Visama Mae Chan cater to a myriad of tastes and passions. A standout feature is The Ambalama, a dedicated space for storytelling and engaging talks by guest speakers, including renowned authors and historians.

Interior style and comfort at Visama Mae Chan

Interior style and comfort at Visama Mae Chan

Chris Stafford, Chief Operating Officer of VHG, encapsulates the essence of the camp, stating, “We want to immerse guests in a fusion of luxury and Lanna culture set against the stunning backdrop of the mythical mountains of the Golden Triangle.”

Visama Mae Chan places a strong emphasis on environmental conservation and cultural preservation. The camp operates on not-for-profit principles, with proceeds benefiting the ‘Friends of Thai Daughters’ foundation. This foundation is dedicated to preventing child trafficking by empowering girls from hill tribe communities, ensuring that guests’ stays contribute to a larger, noble cause.

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For those eager to experience this blend of luxury and culture, bookings opened on 27th September, with the camp set to welcome its first guests from 1st November 2023. In an era where luxury often overshadows sustainability, Visama Mae Chan shines as an example, blending refined comfort with eco-consciousness. ◼

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