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A positive state of mind is key to happiness.


A positive state of mind is key to happiness. A positive mind harbors good thoughts, uplifts our outlook in life, ushers better health and wellness and inherently helps us be better in solving problems. Attaining a positive state of mind can take a few seconds or a lifetime. There is no shortage of books, audio, seminars and presentations are available online and offline in abundance. These materials and aids do make a difference and help one attain a positive state of mind. Does travel also do the trick?

As the phrase goes, working late into the evening makes work boring. However working late into the evening with a business class flight return ticket to Switzerland in the pocket, make for the work a song to be sung.

In our opinion, travel does that. It pr ovides a change. It provides us with something new, a window into a new and inspiring world. Travel to a new city or country adds excitement, curiosity and a sense of adventure in our lives. Travel to a new destination allows us to be in our present self but with a complete change in our surrounding, be it food, temperature, climate, language, people or culture. This change allows us to witness someone else’s routine life with curiosity and wonder.

This change in scenery, allows us to have new and different thoughts, it motivates us and gives us the freedom to perhaps make changes for the better in our routine lives. Travel leads to a positive state of mind and is important to be incorporated in our quarterly or semi annual schedule. An island getaway for instance does the trick. In this issue, we present to you thirteen unique, beautiful and dreamy island holiday destinations. Maldives, Santorini, Maui and many more make our cut. We invite you to read on and be inspired.

We present to you the best of luxury villas located at some of the finest resorts in the world. Luxury villas are perfect for planning intimate holidays with families, friends and even larger groups of people. Discover the charm and authentic culture of an exclusive city by reveling in a lavish atmosphere throughout your journey. We take you on a wine tasting trip to Mendoza, Argentina. The best kept secret of Latin America is revealed. We venture to Chile and discover the best places for sightseeing, sports, adventure, culture, shopping, food, and wine.

Imagine sipping Champagne in a limousine as the iconic Parisian landmarks glide past your window and you head for a fashion show or an art gallery, opened out of hours just for you… Or perhaps you would rather explore the city in a vintage Rolls Royce or a nostalgic Citroën DS? In Paris, everything is possible. Read on, be inspired and achieve a positive state of well being.


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