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World Travel Magazine is proud to present to you, our loyal readers, The 2013 Top List.



World Travel Magazine is proud to present to you, our loyal readers, The 2013 Top List. We have spent a good part of last year compiling and shortlisting hotels, resorts and glorious ‘once in a life time’ dream destinations! The 100 List inspires, and mesmerizes, presents to us starry dreams as reality and much more. Be it the breathtaking sunsets viewed from luxurious cabanas set on power white-sand covered beach in a far flung corner of paradise, the majesty of mountains viewed from the high perched balconies in ancient fort palaces converted to luxury abodes or the lazy African afternoon spent tracking gazelles in the open plains of the Serengeti, this is how life should be spent. Put aside the phone and unchain yourself from the modern cubical prison, there is adventure in the air and guess what, it has your name on its lips.

A quick start to the vacation of a lifetime starts with our Unique Locations. Ten exotic destinations, unique due to their location, charm, specialness or simply put their distinctness. If time is your budget then Unique Locations is where you should start.

Planning your summer around beaches then read on. All private islands have stunning beaches so why have a separate list for island and beaches? Well,…mmm, because I love private islands and am a sucker for good beaches. There are no two beaches alike and they take on a whole new meaning when located on the footsteps of your villa, waves lapping – calling on you exclusively, soft sea breeze rustling through the palm trees, not a soul in sight bar the private butler just a bell away, have you still not packed your bags yet?

Great things happen when men and mountain meet, so the saying goes. Welcome to our Mountain Retreats spanning the globe, from the remote mountain kingdom of Bhutan to the beautiful French Alps. Have an inkling for luxury forts, take a look at our Heritage Hotels section. City, Wildlife Hotels and Destination Spas add to the depth and variety. We take a step further and cover the five key geographical areas, I am sure there will be more than a handful a couple of hours away from you.

The 100 List is our exclusive editorial assemblage of recommended hotels. It can also be an opportunistic beacon pointing to the fun filled days that lay ahead.

Vishal Jain



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