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Home to one of the world’s happiest populations on the globe with a natural bounty of mountains and valleys,Switzerland holds one of the best luxury travel experiences for ou.


Where are you headed this spring? Have the bags been packed and destination Europe printed on tickets? Or is it the United States now that the artic vortex has seeming calmed down? Perhaps Holi in India? Do some in the family prefer a beach holiday but others secretly wish for a golf retreat? Is a compromise destination a new city with a legendary night life or a mountain retreat for a spell of solitude?

The options are many, the information available in vast quantities, the flight routes mindboggling complex. Its not easy to make a decision where to head for a vacation these days. Asking friends and relatives does not necessarily mean that tastes in travel match. The ‘been there-done that’ logic eliminates more options. We simplify the myriad of options for you, our dear readers. We present to you our Top 100 editorial choices of best properties to stay in based on different categories,experiences, facilities, service excellence & decor. We cover unique locations, heritage hotels, wildlife lodges, destination spas, city hotels, mountain retreats, beach resorts, private islands, North & South America, Europe, Australasia & Asia, Middle East & Africa. The experiences and categories are many but all within the common banner of luxury, dreamy, elegant and excellent.

The world is about to shift its focus on Rio, the soon to be football mecca during June and July of this year. We take you on a quick trip to Rio, hang gliding from the hill top to the beach. This quick guide covers food, best places to visit, the lovely places to stay at and beaches to see. I am a big fan of road trips. I have had the pleasure of driving, on various occasions for more than twelve hours nonstop, in the rugged Himalayas, on narrow roads straddling a tiny strip of land between the towering rock and deep, deep gorges. Driving lazily across England, past the Lake District onward to Scotland has its charms. Road trips are fun. In this issue, we take a trip down Pacific Coast Highway from LA to San Francisco , along the west coast of the United States.

We continue to explore luxury spas around the world, this time stopping by at some of our favourite spa destinations in Europe. The spas that we cover and highlight in this issue do tend to be leaning towards western medicine rather than simple, holistic wellness. However the results do speak for themselves. These luxury spas continue to be on the cutting edge of wellness, we will let you explore them in detail.

Vishal Jain



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