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It will take more than a volcanic eruption in Lombok or thick haze that blankets South East Asia to dampen the spirits of travellers seeking solace in shores afar. Travellers are triggered to lock in the tickets of their well-researched holiday destinations as November shows it’s air. No beach or mountain destination review shall be left unturned and unread as the scramble for the major bi-annual retreat takes centre stage. Business calls also tend to end with an exchange of ideas on holiday destinations.
For the ultimate getaways experience seekers, we have our bucket list for 2016. We have scoured the globe for exciting itineraries to make 2016 a glorious year filled with travel, with unforgettable journeys that are truly unique. These include lavish private jet journeys around the world, unusual dining, whether it’s every three Michelin- starred restaurant in the world or simply canapés and champagne in a volcano, exhilarating adventures even to outer space and up close encounters with amazing wildlife. Explore the world in style on these ultra-luxurious, once-in-a-lifetime journeys well worth the splurge.
For the exotic, South Asia is always the global hotspot. The sheer diversity of countries that dot South Asia is a study in fascinating contrasts. There is Cambodia and Vietnam that are emerging, China is showing how development and business can globalise the most local of its cities and Bhutan has its happiness quotient gives you a peek into what makes it so mystical. In all this amalgamation of exotic with traditional and the modern are a few common strands. South Asian hospitality, simplicity of its countryside, flavoured, spicy food that looks and tastes so different from the concoctions of the western world, indeed South Asia has many jewels to explore, visit and revisit. We give an insight in a selection of some of the most buzzing cities that must qualify to be on your South Asia bucket list.
We showcase a small selection of spectacular secluded retreats that are bound to wow. Whether it is for a much-needed retreat, getting back to grips with nature itself or simply switching off from the digital world altogether, luxury lodges have become increasingly popular holidaying options for people looking for something a little different.
From all of us at World Travel Magazine, we wish you a joyous Christmas and Happy Holidays.


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