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by | Sep 18, 2015

This autumn edition of World Travel Magazine explores a range of travel destinations including Austria, Malaysia, Italy, India, South Africa and Australia.

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This autumn edition of World Travel Magazine explores a range of travel destinations including Austria, Malaysia, Italy, India, South Africa and Australia. We also go in depth into the latest in luxury hotels & resorts that have made their appearance felt in 2015 and amazing beach getaways around the world.

This year has witnessed a significant slowdown and uncertainty in the global economy. This is a trend that has continued from 2014. The impact of this overall slowdown has been felt in some ways by many in the industry. Demographics of international travellers still remain unchanged, despite the variations in numbers. On the contrary, a number of new, luxurious properties opened their doors for the first time this year and many more are slated for opening in 2016. Words such as personalised, unique, gourmet, luxury, excellent service and other key differentiators are no long in the hands of a small domination of properties or brand owners. The luxury travel market is bursting with new properties, big and small, all claiming to fame by offering at least one if not a range of such expressions and differentiators. The luxury traveller is spoilt for choice for locations to visit, experiences to be had and the way they wish to be pampered. Take a look at our Luxury 50 list and it will be a challenge not to have this small list of properties become a big part of your new favourite anchor points in your travels.

The hoteliers of today know what offerings to focus on so as to hit the spot with their repeat clientele. It’s no longer about size as well. Boutique hotels with anywhere from 3 to 30 rooms are becoming popular with the savvy travellers. It could be the unique historical significance, the architecture or simply the elegance of the service that makes the next generation of boutique hotels a force to be reckoned with. There is also something to be said about not being part of the herd of a hundred plus people being channelled through the morning buffet table and witnessing waiters fumbling over each other serving fifty plus tables a hurried tea or coffee. Boutique hotels are on to a trend and its set to grow significantly within the preference lists of travellers. Our recommendation of 10 boutique hotels is a must read.

We sincerely trust that you will have as much pleasure reading this edition of World Travel Magazine as we enjoyed compiling this for you, our dear readers. Happy Reading!


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