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We are now at the halfway point of 2015 and its shaping out to be an eventful year so far.


We are now at the halfway point of 2015 and its shaping out to be an eventful year so far. As the seasons turn, so do the trends. It is no longer location, location and location for holiday destinations but experiences, experiences and experiences! The top brands, market leaders and everyone else worth their weight is cashing in and promoting experiences to be had rather than X square foot property with Y view. The all-powerful ‘experience’ is the differentiating factor and aims to link the dollar spending upper crust to emotions and memories which are a much scarcer – more valuable commodity. Give it time and it should trickle down to the mass markets as well. This issue focuses and builds on experiences. Our annual Honeymoon Escapes takes centre stage with a comprehensive coverage of various experiences to be enjoyed – all designed to bring two individuals closer. Catching a fiery sunset, having private moments to cherish and indulging in romantic candlelit dinners, the ideal honeymoon almost always has at least one, if not all, of these elements. We hop the globe in search for the best, stopping briefly to enjoy the British summer in their gorgeous country side manors and stately homes. Interesting and colourful stories from Italy, France, Namibia, China, Singapore and Indonesia will keep you, our readers, intrigued and curious – the travel bug will surely bite! Luxurious coffee and amazing wine, with Bali’s best food offerings and trends in global cuisines are a must read. Being the Ambassador for Global Wellness Day in Singapore, I have spent a considerable amount of time this year promoting the concept. “Feeling good inside out” is the mantra on which the fast growing wellness industry is basing its philosophy on and reaching a vast cross section of people globally. Building on the concept of beauty and fitness in a way that is sustainable, it goes beneath the surface by promoting the wisdom of making early lifestyle changes, incorporating tips that energise the body, mind and soul, leaving one not just looking good but feeling great too. Spreading awareness on the importance of “living well” and providing tips on how to implement, the wellness industry joined hands to institutionalise a Global Wellness Day across the world. Wellness Ambassadors and Advocates are steering this concept actively, inspiring a range of players in the wellness industry to organise talks, competitions, seminars, workshops and demonstrations, creating greater visibility around all aspects related to wellness. Happy Wellness Day To All!




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