Enoden – An Old-fashioned Train Ride

Japan is well-known for its efficient and modern train system with punctual trains and incredibly fast bullet trains. Not all is modern, though. In the cities of Kamakura and Fujisawa, the Enoshima Electric Railway, or Enoden, is an old-fashioned train line that’s a big tourist attraction.

The train runs between Fujisawa and Kamakura stations on a single track every 10 minutes. It runs through narrow paths between houses, along the seaside, and even in the middle of a road like a streetcar.

Apart from the terminal stations, there are 3 major stops. The biggest is Enoshima Station, which is near the major tourist destination, Enoshima Island. You can also visit the Enoshima Aquarium and Enoshima Beach. The next major stop is Hase Station in Kamakura. It’s near the Great Buddha statue, the beautiful Hasedera Temple, and Yuigahama Beach. The other major stop isn’t famous for local sights, but it is famous for its view. From the platform, you have an amazing view of the Pacific Ocean, as well as Mt. Fuji. Around this area, the line travels along the coast, giving passengers a great seaside trip.

On holidays, this line is so busy, that you may have to wait a while to catch a train. However, during weekdays when most people are working, it’s fairly quiet, and a very pleasant way to enjoy a quaint, old-fashioned train ride.

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