Exotic Marrakech

Bristling with palm trees and minarets, Marrakech sits on a red dusty plain between the Sahara, the Atlantic and the snow-capped mountains of Morocco’s High Atlas. Modern and cosmopolitan, this former Imperial City claims a long, at times turbulent, history. Mosques or shrines, the religious sites of Marrakech are too numerous to name but for lovers of architecture, a must-see is the Ben Youssef Medersa, one of the Maghreb’s finest and largest Koranic schools. Marrakech’s legendary bazaar is home to 10 000 artisans, organised in 40 corporations, each one dedicated to a specific craft, craft, babouche makers, embroiderers, wood turners, gold and silversmiths, potters, tanners, coppersmiths, weavers, carpet makers, ceramic painters, lantern decorators, whatever you dream of, you will find.

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