Flying Kit for Frequent Traveller

by | Aug 27, 2015

Recently my clients have started asking for a slightly different service.

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Recently my clients have started asking for a slightly different service. As personal stylists my team and I typically receive a phone call with a set of requirements – a big meeting, new suits, a birthday, or a celebration. I’ll head out and shop then send it off for my clients to wear and look their best effortlessly. However back in June 2014 we had a client who had to be in 4 different countries, in different climates, all consecutively. So what did we do? We created the flying kit. What this means is that our clients don’t have to take any luggage with them to the airport, just a carry on bag and a good book.We style the wardrobe and include all the essentials needed, then send it off to the destination hotel. Simply put, you turn up where you need to be and everything is there waiting for you. Here’s how we make sure our clients travel and arrive in luxury.



The Flying Kit Bag – packed and always ready to go

This depends entirely on the length of the trip – I keep 2 to hand, a 48 hour bag for impromptu trips and a larger case.
HIS Dom Reilly Weekender,Rimowa Salsa Deluxe in Black
HER Tanner Krolle Holdall, Louis Vuitton Pegase

Travel Document Holder

This is more a requirement of the traveller, but we picked out some essential travel holders to include everything – passport and travel documents are a given. However we like to advise to include internationally preferable credit cards (for points and air miles), SIM cards for use abroad and a ‘tracking’ gadget to keep an eye on where your possessions are should they be mislocated.
HIS Dunhill Sidecar Double Travel Wallet
HER Liberty
Tracking gadget TrackR Bravo – Launching soon but we will be getting this as soon as it arrives.

Wash kit – long flight, straight to the meeting – electric shaver, moisturiser

Another obvious choice but with a few good examples thrown in. I like to use the braun waterflex shaver, the battery life is excellent, it’s very light weight and it can be used in the shower too, perfect for packing up and moving on in a hurry. Also include a good moisturiser – the air on flights will dry your skin right out.

Wash bags
HIS Mulberry Wash Case
HER Rimowa Beauty Case

Both of these travel well in a wash bag.
HIS Tom Ford For Men, oil free
HER Chanel le weekend de Chanel

Fresh Fragrance – for landing, straight to meeting type affair

This is important, not only to give you a fresh scent but also to make you feel at home. Smell accounts for the most lucid of memory recollections (see Marcel Proust, Rememberance of things past). So a scent that reminds you of home, someone important to you or simply a place will help you settle in to your ever changing environment. My most revered choices;
HIS Tom Ford For Men
HER Balenciaga

Emergency Charger & Adaptor

I stayed at a Marriot recently and they gave me an emergency phone charger as a gift – it has been totally indispensible when I really need to make a call and the battery is checking out. Vertu Portable Power

iPad & Kindle

Recently I’ve opted for the ipad mini – far easier to travel with. A good book is great, unlimited books is better. I go for a classic kindle instead of a paper white. A recent study says that anything with a glow to the screen can delay good sleep by 2 hours, if you want to nod off on your flight, avoid the glow. My recommendation is to get a case with a light on – just like a book, but with better sleep effects. Amazon Kindle & Kindle Holder

Pen and Paper

I’ve never met a successful person who doesn’t write things down and action them, Richard Branson is a great example of this. Take a pen and paper.

HIS Symthson Top Secret Panama Notebook
HER Symthson Bright Ideas Wafer Notebook

HIS Cognac Guilloche Fountain Pen Faber Castel
HER Ballpoint For Cartier Notebook

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