Giethoorn- The Village Without Roads

A simple natural life without any manipulation of mankind, Geithoorn is such place!


A simple natural life without any manipulation of mankind, Geithoorn is such place!

Nestled in the Netherlands this place a true nirvana for peace seekers. A train journey of just 2.5 hours from Amsterdam takes you to this watery Eden- the village of Giethoorn that has a network of several shallow canals, negotiated via more than 180 storybook-pretty arched wooden bridges.

It definitely is a place that offers you complete relaxation and helps you to forget the noisy cars, because they are here not welcome, primarily because this tale like place does not have roads. Giethoorn became known only after 1958, when a Dutch director Bert Haanstra here captures his famous comedy “Fanfare”, thereafter, this place became a hit tourist attraction. At the beginning of the thirteenth century, Giethoorn has been set up by settlers from the Mediterranean.

This place is occupied by around 2,600 citizens who live in homes of their own private islands. About 180 bridges are the only way to arrive to most of the houses, and of course, the second option are the small boats.In Giethoorn there are various museums where you can learn about the life and work of the last 100 years, to see pottery works, as well as old cars, bikes and sleds. There are also organized numerous art exhibitions, and there are special activities for children. During the winter, this place is extremely attractive for fans of ice skating.

The beauty of this place visitors can discover with organized ship tours, and can rent a boat and drive themselves through the canals. The second way to meet Giethoorn is a walk on the wooden bridges or renting a bike.This beautiful village is located in the northwestern province Overijssel, in the central part of the Netherlands. From Amsterdam it is situated about 90 kilometers away and from Rotterdam and Hague and about 110.


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