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Glamping in Jordan’s Wadi Rum

Bespoke Hideaway Discovery Bedu Camp Lounge

Bespoke Hideaway Discovery Bedu Camp Lounge

Sleeping under the stars, relaxing in the tented suites, exploring diverse terrains with anticipation – it is an experience mimicking the old travellers, except that one is comfortably lodged in luxurious spaces equipped with all sorts of conveniences.

Scott Dunn has successfully ignited adventurous jetsetters into the posh world of glamping – glamorous camping – with bespoke luxury tours matched with personalised services. After exploring Egypt, the travel company adds two new itineraries to its library.

General Camp

Bespoke Hideaways Discovery Bedu Camp

First, Jordan – where guests voyage into the legendary culture of Bedouin while admiring the otherworldly ruins, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the spectacular view of the mountains. One can bask under the glorious night sky while reposing in their suites, all endowed with a private hot tub and their very own sun deck.

Wadi Rum desert landscape, Jordan

Wadi Rum

The Monastery, Petra

This trip is combined with another famous destination, Israel, where guests travel back to the Holy Land to unravel the birthplace of the world’s biggest religions. In Bethlehem, one could gaze at the spot where a star marked the birthplace of Jesus.

In Tel Aviv, one is treated to a medley of souks, museums, and beaches for the perfect holiday. The entire trip is rounded up with a whimsical stargazing night at the Negev Desert, capturing the beauty of the heavens while hearing tales of the local heroes. Surrounded by a rich culture, diverse landscapes and stunning architecture, Scott Dunn’s Middle Eastern adventure is nothing less than a promising experience for the present-day wanderers.

Updated: 15th July 2019

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