Glorious San Sebastian

On the North Coast of Spain lies the surfing city of San Sebastian  It may be a little overcast in the morning but it usually clears by the afternoon.  I happened to be in San Sebastian on the 31st of August 2013, the 200th Anniversary of a great fire that wiped out almost all of the town. They had a big street party, and a parade with people dressed in old clothes and uniforms, setting cannons off that nearly scared me to death!   A Perfect place to lie on the beach and recuperate from the busyness of travelling. I decided to have my first (and probably last) professional surfing lesson. It was really fun but tiring. There are quite a few surf shops and surf schools along the surf beach so if you are interested go along, it’s amazing to be able to say I’ve been surfing in Spain.  If trying to balance on a thin board is not your style there are also kayaks for hire. If water activities aren’t your thing but you don’t want to just lay on the beach, there are also some walks you can do, up to the jesus statue on the hill which apparently has amazing views of the ocean and city.  At Night go Bar hopping in the old town. The little streets are full of small tapas bars and clubs, so small that once inside you can barely move and the party ends up spilling out on the street. There is a great relaxed easy going but simultaneously party hard atmosphere.  Some of the bigger clubs are along the beach, out of the old part of town but warning it can be pretty expensive especially if you are a guy, girls you may be lucky and get in free.  I really loved San Sebastian, it was a great little city with plenty of things to do.

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