Honeymoon Escapes

Living it up in an old 19th century chateau, traipsing through the largest nature reserves of South Africa, reaffirming your vows in a charming Balinese chapel- every couple has their own idea of a perfect honeymoon. It would be unrealistic to take a one-size-fit all approach to honeymoon destinations. Whether luxury, history or wildlife is more your style, there’s sure to be a destination here to suit your fancy. If Luxury is your idea of a perfect honeymoon, Villas and resorts in South Seas, designed with a South Pacific flair melded with a European Sophistication is the right escape for you. Imagine a fancy view of Mactan Channel in the Philippines and a lavish ambience with a divine and romantic dinner. While Fiji and Brazil offer you exclusive elite resorts for an extremely private and intimate stay. The Caribbean islands offer you great honeymoon spots with the serenity of a secluded and lush greenery of a tropical forest and the magnificent towering mountains. If you are looking for a magical experience, Maldives offers you multitude of resorts. Alternatively, you could journey through Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos on the Eastern & Oriental Express. For a honeymoon a little less cliché, why not turn to the only city in the world that could rival the romance of Paris- Venice.

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