Honeymoon Escapes

In this honeymoon special issue, World Spa and Travel focuses on some of the hottest honeymoon destinations across the world, ranging from breathtaking resorts in Asia and Africa to lively holiday destinations in Europe.Begin your journey of love in style.A nuptial tradition followed by many newly-weds, a romantic honeymoon is seen as the perfect start to a blissful marriage. This is also the period when the couple takes a break to share private and intimate moments together while pampering themselves with utmost relaxation and luxury.

From Kyoto, Thailand, Bhutan in exotic Asia to Paris, New York, Venice as classic romantic cities to Maldives, Hawaii, Croatia, Bali, Ko Samui as beach paradises to Rio de Janeiro, Peru, Argentina as jovial southern region to Kenya, Tanzania, Madagascar as exquisite romantic spots in African wildlife to Iceland, Norway, Finland as Scandinavian serene idyllic spots to little heart-shaped islands like French Polynesia, which will make your heart literally pop out and flutter like a honeybee or a butterfly, we have it all covered in this epic issue.

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