How do you get to work?

The journey to and from work is probably the most frustrating because chances are, when you are headed to work, so is everyone else. Although most people still drive to work, there has been an fair increase in the number of people who opt to ride their bicycles to work. The reason for this increase is due to the fact that over the years bicycle lanes have significantly improved as well as the heightened road awareness. Yes, yes, getting to work by car may seem the faster alternative there are some perks to choosing to ride your bicycle instead. Including some that can even outweigh the “pros associated with driving to work.

#1. If you have a 30 minute plus travel to work each day (via bike that is), you will burn up to 4 Kit Kats worth of calories.

#2. Cycling could actually be faster than car travel. If you live in a big city, you know just how congested it can get out there, especially at rush hour!

#3. Environmentally friendly

#4. You could end up having a longer lie-in

#5 And the most persuasive one of all: it’s a lot cheaper.

To all our fellow bikers, if you do decide to go forth with riding your bike to work, remember to stay extra save & follow all the rules!!

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