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At destination spas, the whole environment is focussed towards fitness, good and healthy eating, relaxation and renewal.

Destination Spa

At destination spas, the whole environment is focussed towards fitness, good and healthy eating, relaxation and renewal.  With various spa therapy and every new therapy being developed everyday and prices range from $250 per person per day up to $8,000 + a week it becomes difficult for you to choose the right kind of spa therapy.  The important question is how do you make sure that the “destination spa” is not an old motel that is really a dump?

It really pays to do your research. 

Questions you should think of when you’re Choosing A Destination Spa

Do you have a special interest or goal like losing weight, detoxing, or revving up your fitness routine? Do you want to go on yoga retreat, learn how to meditate, spend lots of time hiking, or just hang out with a friend and get some relaxing spa treatments? Thinking about what you want will help you narrow down the right destination spa for you.   

Do you want to be restricted with alcoholic beverages, caffeine, or calories?  It is fairly rare these days.  Most spas serve healthy food but give you as much as you want, including extra desserts.  Look for a detox spa or weigh loss spa if this is important to you.  

Do you have a medical issue you want to address?

Do you want an outdoors experience, with hiking and rock climbing?

How important is the educational aspect?  Larger destination spas like Canyon Ranch give lectures almost non-stop, while smaller spas might limit it to one in the evening.   how many lectures they have and what the qualifications of the speaker are.

Do you want an intimate atmosphere where it’s easy to meet people or is a larger setting acceptable?

Do you want to be in town or in the country? Photos can be deceiving. Find out exactly where the destination spa is located.

How long do you want to stay at the destination spa? The minimum stay can range from two nights to a week.

How important is a luxurious room? Some destination spas have basic rooms, on the theory that no one is going to be hanging out there much.

How important is a luxurious spa facility? Less expensive destination spas might be somewhat basic. Remember to find out if spa treatments like massage, facials and body treatments are included in the package. You might also want more treatments than the package allows for.

Canyon Ranch Lenox is a sprawling destination spa with fabulous facilities and more programs and classes than you could possibly attend. Golden Door in Escondido is an intimate yet luxurious experience. Active people on a budget go for New Life Hiking Spa from May through September in Vermont.


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