Kyoto, Japan: the True-blue experience

Kyoto, Japan

Tokyo may be known for its clean streets and highly developed infrastructure, but if you’re looking for a true-blue traditional Japanese experience, Kyoto is the place for you. Visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace, home to the Emperor of Japan up until 1868, or dine at Kamogawa Noryo Yuka, a riverside terrace that houses 100 restaurants during the summer that pays tribute to the culture of the Edo period. Alternatively, you could simply opt for a “Luxury Tour” that offers exclusive experiences covering a full range of activities: live in luxury ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) with top-class service; feast on authentic Kyoto cuisine in a thatch-roofed Kuzuya tea house; and enjoy the theatrical arts of the Kimono-wearing maiko – all while being chauffeured around in a sleek, black limousine.

Places to Stay:

Hotel Granvia

An integral part of the JR Kyoto Station Building, Hotel Granvia Kyoto is the visually striking architectural masterpiece which also includes a department store, museum, musical theater, and a vast underground shopping mall.

Hotel Nikko Princess

Located in the heart of Kyoto City, the hotel Nikko Princess is close to major subways, shopping centers and major sightseeing areas. It is often said that Kyoto’s rich culture has a lot to do with its excellent fresh water wells. The water at the hotel is drawn from an underground source and mixed with a little tap water for use in all our facilities.

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