Llao Llao Resort Patagonia, Argentina

Overlooking the mighty Andes Mountain range, with Mount Catedral dominating Llao Llao Resort’s backdrop, the getaway destination sits on a lake in the picturesque Patagonia, Argentina. The hotel offers its guest a large assortment of activities to keep their interest flowing throughout their stay in Patagonia. During the summer months the hotel offers an assortment of outdoor activities ranging mountain biking and kayaking to a leisurely game of Golf at their 18-hole course. Come winter however the snow capped Mount Catedral becomes an ideal place for skiing enthusiasts where one can find some of the most exhilarating slopes in the region. Whether you are a risk taker or a relaxer, Llao Llao Hotel & Resort provides its guests a wide selection of activities to appeal people of all walks of life.

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