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More than a few years ago I visited Rome. An entirely surprise gift from my significant other and we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away.


More than a few years ago I visited Rome. An entirely surprise gift from my significant other and we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend away. Except, successful surprise aside, we didn’t plan where we were going to eat and our restaurant selection was not always the best.

We now stock up on travel books, do our home work before departure and keep our appetites perpetually whetted with sites like Travel & Spa!

By the way I am Michael, a Street Photographer, based in London. My time is divided between roaming the streets pursuing the decisive moment and writing for earnest readers like your good selves.

I hope you’ll continue to stop by and read about London, through my regular walks and through my viewfinder.

For years now I have been meeting friends for nights out in Angel, Islington. Just as Leicester Square is a popular spot where tourists congregate, Angel is the same for Londoners. If pressed, I would say the area is trendy and young, but definitely has a village feel to it.

Near the station is Chapel Market, largest of Islington’s street markets, where you can find fresh produce, arts and crafts, luggage and even food to take away.

It’s a 20 minute walk from Angel Station, along Upper Street to Highbury & Islington Station. At the very start of this walk, there is the N1 Centre. For the length of your stroll, and the primary reason for meeting your friends here in Angel, you’ll find a constant and eclectic range of stores, restaurants and bars.

I wonder how many locals haven’t yet explored the Canal system that wanders through Islington and much of London? Invisible from the main streets I might well be inclined to forgive them, however it’s a beautiful and peacefully quiet area away from the noisy traffic and busy London bustle. To find these sacred water ways, head down Duncan Street, which is literally 2 minutes walk from Angel Station.

It would be rude not to suggest a few local treasures. I recommend The Island Queen, a traditional Pub on Noel Road. They do serve some fine Pub grub.

If you’re in need of a restaurant and like Spanish food, my personal favorite is Sangria on Upper Street. The Manager, and he speaks English perfectly well, insists on speaking to me only in Spanish! They serve great Tapas and Sangria and, assuming you’re there of an evening and it’s quite busy, stop eating and pause to look around the place and the other diners because this is a true taste of the London scene.

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