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“With the stresses of travel who has time to focus on looking good?”


“With the stresses of travel who has time to focus on looking good?” Although the voice in your head that tells you to prioritize comfort for fierce may sometimes have a point we have compiled a concoction for how to look fashionable amidst the all the moving, security check, & airplane hair (the static hair that results after a 6-hour flight). Like most breakthrough secrets, this one requires some prep time before departure. What is mean you’ll have to consider selecting the right luggage, clothing items, make-up and skin care.

Here’s Your Took Kit:

– Select a two- or three-color palette and stick with it

– Choose 3 pairs of pants & shirts, a couple of cardigans or jackets, you can mix and match the separates for different looks and end up packing fewer items.

– Add a few accessories to your wardrobe, like scarves, belts and jewelry, and you’ll have even more options

– The BIG One: Always choose wrinkle resistant clothing & here’s how:

– Choose clothes that are made of lyocell, is a fabric made from wood pulp that’s wrinkle resistant and often blended with cotton, silk and other materials. Polyester, polyester blends and spandex blends tend to wrinkle less.

– Choose thick fabrics over thin

– Choose loosely woven fabrics over tightly woven

– Choose print fabrics over solids (the prints make wrinkles less noticeable).

So, there you have it! Have any other tips for how to stay fresh while traveling? Let us know in the comments below!

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