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Baggage loss is no longer a one off thing.

Electronic Tag

Baggage loss is no longer a one off thing. Crowded airspaces have meant crunched staff capacities and overworked airport ground staff at most airline counters.

Frequent travellers are devising their own mechanisms to ensure their baggage is safe or that they have an alternative, rather than find themselves stranded in a new destination without bare essentials. However, these are hardly fool proof. What a relief then to hear of the Rimowa Electronic Tag that is the first digital and fully integrated mobile solution for airplane luggage. While standard practice in the airline industry entail affixing a paper luggage tag to bags by hand, Lufthansa passengers will soon be able to check in their luggage from home or on the go with just a tap of a button. With one click, they will transfer data from their electronic boarding pass using a smartphone, to their item of luggage which is then equipped with a “Rimowa Electronic Tag” via Bluetooth. The luggage data will be shown immediately on the data module integrated into the suitcase. This electronic tagged suitcase can then be checked in and placed directly on the belt at the Lufthansa Baggage drop off counter.

Similar in size to its paper tag cousins, the add-on features ensure it is protected against humidity, heat, low temperature, impact and concussion. Most importantly, the tags cannot fall off or be torn so any chances of rude shocks finding the tag missing are also eliminated.

Not surprisingly, the Rimowa Electronic Tag innovation received the best Baggage Initiative Award at the recent airline industry conference “FTE – Future Travel Experience” held in Las Vegas. The product is currently undergoing evaluation and Lufthansa will be the first airline to provide this service to passengers by early 2016.

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