Luxury 50

World Travel Magazine provides you with the trendiest set of the luxury hotels as options for your next anchor point in these destinations. The Luxury 50 hotels ensure style, luxury, comfort and highlight each destination’s best features in fresh new ways. Stay at the Amanzoe Greece where you can book sailing trips across the Peloponnese Peninsula. Experience true royalty in Fairmont Jaipur while adding excitement with a hot air balloon over the beautiful Aravalli Hills. We cover a varied selection of hotels featuring the trending Mediterranean, resorts with breathtaking views, luxury eco friendly villas and more. For a luxury safari atmosphere, we have a perfect camp located in the middle of the Mara River. For those travelers who are on the path for peace and serenity, there is always the Uma Punakha Bhutan. No matter what preference or end goal your trip entails, there is always a luxurious option handy.

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