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River cruises are one of the hottest trends in travel.


River cruises are one of the hottest trends in travel. With many companies expanding into the waterways of Europe,Egypt, Russia, China, and Asia and more activities offered on board and off the ship, many younger travelers are embracing a way of travel that was once most appealing to an older demographic.Compared to the ocean going cruise ships with an average of 3,000 passengers, river cruises are far more intimate and attentive in service with about 150 passengers on the larger ships

Many of them areupscale and elegant in design,yet are not the entertainment meccas that many ocean cruises have become. In contrast, river cruises focus on the immersion into the cultures and places along the journey.Unpack once,settle in, and enjoy the stunning scenery passing by with vineyard covered hillsides and storybook towns. Navigating the winding rivers and smaller ports of call where larger ships cannot go, river cruise ships expose travelers to unique destinations and travel experiences

With the popularity of river cruises, many of the luxury cruise lines now offer all-inclusive itineraries,particularly in Europe.The outdoor deck running the length of the ship, busiest in the spring and summer months,is the perfect viewing area as the ships sail the waterways. Depending upon a guest’s interest in food, wine, history, or local culture, there is something for everyone to choose from. A specialty of the luxury river cruise lines, especially through Germany, is their Christmas or Holiday Market offerings.

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