Luxury Villas – Social Distancing In Style

by | May 9, 2020

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The new norms for domestic travel expected to be implemented gradually, globally, over the coming weeks and months consist of the same few rules that we have all grown accustomed to over the last couple of months: practice social distancing, avoid crowds, cover the mouth & nose with a mask and wash hands frequently.

Our need for travel is unquenchable. The build-up and stifling of emotions while in lockdown needs to be let out. Complying with the health and safety norms is also paramount, so it’s crucial to find the balance between proper distancing and leisure. Small adjustments sound too little of a compromise, especially if it paves the way for the new norm. The ideal way to keep within limits while having a well-deserved break is by safely checking into a villa or a lodge.

It’s the revival of the old thrills: bringing the family along a grand stay with the promise of fresh new surroundings: lush, green vistas, bright blue private pools, or the sprawling, golden desert lodges. The change of atmosphere brings comfort; and inhaling fresh ambiance will revive one’s spirit.

Here are five themes to enjoy a holiday while following the guidelines of social distancing.

Recline & enjoy family-fun hotels

Eight amazing stays from Tanzania to Indonesia, from water sports on pristine beaches to walking amongst ancient pine trees. Family travels anywhere in the world require the presence of both leisurely and thrilling activities, a homely feeling, and plenty of room for cosy quality time with loved ones. If you have dreamed of a paradise-like family get-together, take a look at these 8 getaways for family-fun.

Taylor River Lodge

Taylor River Lodge

All Around Asia: Celebrating Culture & Luxury

Experience Asia’s authentic places to stay in luxury, there are no cookie cutters to be found anywhere close by. A touch of the Orient, a glimmer of the Middle East – Asia is a melting pot of cultures exploding with diverse charms. From the Zen-inspired mountains of Chengdu to the dazzling sand dunes of the Bedouin, experience the continent’s many facets while staying in its most immersive luxury hotels.

Phum Baitang - Garden & Grounds © Zannier Hotels

Phum Baitang – Garden & Grounds © Zannier Hotels

Green Side Of The Desert

From sustainability to conservation efforts, the Middle East’s most eco-friendly lodges ensure a guilt-free stay. Beyond the rolling desert dunes and glittering malls, the Middle East is home to a trove of eco-friendly, sustainable resorts.You don’t have to sacrifice your eco-credentials while travelling around the middle east – whether you need a quick trip away from the city or want to completely break away to an oasis of calm, there’s a sustainable, luxurious lodge waiting to welcome you.

Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE Emirates Suite

Al Maha Desert Resort, UAE Emirates Suite

2020’s Best Villas

Unique locations and gorgeous views, our selected villas are homely and luxurious. Wintry snow-capped mountains gazing down modern-day chalets, precariously-placed castles at the edge of a Mediterranean cliff, enthralling beachside huts in their pure solace and exclusivity–these are some of the world’s best destinations that appear to be conceived in dreams.As doors swing open, wanderlusts are transported into a whole new world of luxury. All yearnings are indulged; from island hopping, gastronomical cravings, stellar sights, and newfound delights, diligently served by the affectionate locals eager to please. Inhale a bit of whimsy with the sprawling natural backdrops and revel in the magic and modernity behind the walls of these otherworldly villas.

Lux_ North Male Atoll

Lux_ North Male Atoll

Island Resorts Protecting The Oceans

Discover how some of the world’s most alluring island resorts are protecting the oceans.

The sustainably built residence of The Brando, image by Adam Bruzzone

The sustainably built residence of The Brando, image by Adam Bruzzone

Turtle, marine mammal and coral preservation; celebrity-led developments and the rehabilitation of ecosystems: some of the world’s most exclusive island resorts excel most for the commitment they show to protecting the oceans. Venture to these isolated locations across the planet to see the difference resorts like this can make to life beneath the waves. ◼[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

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