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If you want to experience the right blend of oriental and western spirit then Macau is the place!

The City of Casino

If you want to experience the right blend of oriental and western spirit then Macau is the place! With no doubts earned the title of the Oriental Las Vegas as it is a gamblers’ paradise, however, it is also a beautiful city with clear streets, lush gardens and picturesque hilly landscapes. A wander around the city is a great idea!

The inner city area of Macau is ideally suited for exploration on foot and there is much to discover in the many winding streets to be found close to the main square, Largo do Senado in the downtown or along the waterfront avenues in the southern part of the city near Nam Van or Outer Harbor. We can recommend this and feel confident that no one would be disappointed.

These streets close to Largo do Senado, are home to numerous restaurants, bars and cafes and clothing shops. You will find elegant Baroque style buildings from the old days and surprising local delicacies. Walking in a southerly direction along Avenida da Praia Grande will bring the visitor to the area near Nam Van. 

The city by day gives an impression of a graceful and tranquil city with old Euro-style buildings set against the blue sky, where people wander at leisure along the narrow and winding streets. However, as night falls a new world of enchantment opens up to the sparkling nightlife of the Macanese. The many entertainment venues and restaurants are open until late and welcome all who come to enjoy the festive atmosphere that pervades the night.

The numerous Casinos are extravagantly bedecked with dazzling chandeliers, luxurious gaming rooms and first-class hotel facilities add to the glitz of nighttime Macau. Some of the Casinos of Macau are Lisboa Casino, Sands Macau, Rio Casino, Macau Palace Casino, Mandarin Oriental Casino, Diamond Casino and Pharaoh’s Palace Casino.

If you want to immerse yourself with the true luxury Casino and nightlife, head towards Macau!

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