Manta Resort- The floating luxury of Indian Ocean

Located in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of Tanzania, this floating glass cube allows guests to be completely immersed in the ocean where amongst the multitude of fish species that swim by, the star of the show is the manta ray. At the Manta Resort on the island of Pemba, Tanzania, you will find a hotel room unlike any other.This is Africa’s first underwater hotel room, designed by Mikael Genberg of Genberg Underwater Hotels AB.

This Swedish-engineered, floating hotel provides three distinct levels. The landing deck, at sea level, has a stunning lounge area. A ladder leads up to the roof which has a lounging area for sun the guests to enjoy the sunbath and stargazing at night. Surrounded by panes of glass offering 360 degree views are the rooms at downstairs. Some creatures have even taken up residence around the room which affords some protection from predation.

The underwater spotlights beneath each window at night attract the shyer and rarest creatures like squid. Coral is already establishing itself on the anchoring lines and around the underwater structure. Octopus and even Spanish dancers have been observed attaching themselves to the glass panes.

Visible from this special room is the Blue Hole, an anomaly in the coral reef approximately 250 meters off shore. It falls to 12 meters deep at high tide and is roughly 50 meters wide in diameter. The circular hole is inhabited by a number of large coral heads and abundant marine life.

This human-size aquarium kind of hotel allows guests to spend an extended period of time deep within a marine environment and for the fish to behold human beings as though they themselves were in an aquarium – thus reversing the roles.

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