Marina Bay Sands Centre Stage With Singapore’s CNY Drone Show

by | Jan 31, 2024

Don't miss the 'Legend of the Dragon Gate – Drone Show' at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore's most grandiose drone display ever.

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Marina Bay Sands is poised to mesmerize audiences with Singapore’s grandest drone show, ‘The Legend of the Dragon Gate – Drone Show,’ leading a spectacular array of festivities from February 6 to 24, 2024. This breathtaking spectacle, featuring 1,500 synchronized drones, is a contemporary rendition of the Chinese mythology ‘The Legend of the Dragon Gate’. This stunning display will illuminate the Marina Bay waterfront promenade, marking it as the most significant drone show Singapore has ever witnessed.

Scheduled to commence at 8 pm on select dates in February, this extraordinary event promises to be a visual feast. The drone performance, a blend of technology and storytelling, will bring to life the ancient legend in a modern spectacle, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry and technological prowess.

For those seeking an elevated viewing experience, the SkyPark Observation Deck, perched at 56 storeys, offers an ideal vantage point. From this lofty height, spectators can enjoy an unobstructed view of the drones dancing against the backdrop of Singapore’s skyline.

Singapore Dragon In The Sky drone show

Singapore Dragon In The Sky drone show

In addition to the drone show, Marina Bay Sands hosts a series of cultural performances and displays. The festivities include traditional dragon and lion dance performances, koi dancers, and a modern Chinese art display by the Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre.

The grand entrance of Marina Bay Sands will be graced by two majestic 40-metre-long dragons in front of a grand 15-metre-tall Dragon’s Gate, symbolizing prosperity and good fortune. The decorations extend throughout the property, including 88 koi fish decorations, an iridescent dragon’s pearl, 28 blooming lotus lanterns, over 100 kumquat trees, and an array of floral arrangements, creating a visual symphony of colour and tradition.

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands will further enhance the festive mood with a mesmerizing digital fireworks display, adding a touch of modernity to the traditional celebrations. This event is poised to be one of the many highlights of Singapore’s calendar, offering an unforgettable experience to locals and visitors alike. ◼

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