MKV Design strikes back with Mykonos Grand Hotel

To the delight of the guests, MKV Designs has completed the refurbishment of the guestrooms and library at the Mykonos Grand Hotel, an outstanding intimate setting on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The sequence of MKV’s designs at the Mykonos Grand portrays the changing fashion from minimalistic luxury designs to light-touch decorations to authentic palettes. Only the iconic colours of Mykonian architecture, white and blue, prevailing in the guestrooms add a distinctive charm to the Mykonos Grand which is a “secret” gem of hotel interiors.

The classical Mykonian arch framing the bedrooms is accentuated in star-like blue ceiling lights, the sheers draping the bed are now in blue and white. The guest bathrooms are upgraded with white Greek marble throughout – continued on the floor of the bedroom area. A contemporary, free-standing Corian tub allures the styling of the bathrooms. The exquisite furniture and bright light styling recreates the mid-twentieth century aura.

The renovated library is light and euphoric in tone with its white marble floor. The juxtaposition of basic, painted walls with the solid accent colours of cushions, books, artwork and accessories outlines an intimate setting. With a range of customized pendant lights arranged in clusters against the feature wall, warmly toned timber, boulder resembling oversized pouffes and the most striking floor mosaic inspired from the island of Dilos; the styling of the library defines the word ‘perfect’, making it an ideal place to chill, work, socialize, read or go aloof in one’s own world.

The renovation of the guestrooms and library of the Mykonos Grand Hotel by MKV designs has further added a pinch of salt to the entire luxury experience at the hotel.

© This article was first published online on World Travel Magazine in Feb 2016.

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