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Mount Macedon in Australia’s greatest state of Victoria (I’m completely biased – I live there) is the real deal when it comes to “a get away”.


Mount Macedon in Australia’s greatest state of Victoria (I’m completely biased – I live there) is the real deal when it comes to “a get away”. I can hear the creeping songs of crickets that only city folk would find threatening. I wake up to the sweet sounds of roosters a little before 7am, followed by the orchestra of multicolored rosellas in what my mind wants to think is complete unison. It’s heavenly!

I wake up early, make a hot tea, and put on those Hunter rain boots I spent a fortune on and have only gotten to wear once before. In Macedon Ranges the grass is actually wet outside, even though it’s sunny. Wait, what am I typing about. The fact that there’s even grass around without having to leave my house is amazing, let alone a backyard with a man-made lake in it. I walk around the perfectly manicured vegetable patch, with my now lukewarm peppermint tea in hand thinking living like this is The Life. And it very well might be.

The thing about a place like Mount Macedon is that it causes you to relax. The most straining thing I do is stare off into the distance and decide if the tree I’m looking at resembles Jimmy Hendrix or Seth Rogen when he was overweight. It’s different than relaxing at a beach. I might feel self conscious in a bathing suit, or sweaty after being in the sun for too long, or get un-comfortably sun burnt even though I know I used my SPF 50. During the winter months in Mount Macedon, I wear my most comfortable attire (yes, bring out that onsie), I wear my best and thickest socks, I sit by a fire, I have a glass of red wine or hot tea alternating in my hand at all times. I stare off into space and just think, I take a nice long walk, maybe even the 29km long National Macedon Regional Park Walking Trail and never grow tired of it. I usually run into a kangaroo or seven, and my excitement level shoots through the roof. Especially when I see him hopping into the very small town centre of Macedon, almost demanding that I follow him. They are the best tour guides after all.

He will probably hop and point to the left, showing me the Trading Post, which also doubles as a general store and serves a mean strong flat white with homemade scones. Then he’ll hop a bit further and point to the left again. This time it’s a Gourmet Pizza restaurant, followed by pub called Mountain Inn. To the right there’ll be a sign for the Mount Macedon Winery. He’ll probably even give me a hopping real estate tour, because the houses going up the gorgeously lit tree lined streets of Mount Macedon are ones to take notice off. Not to mention the ornamental gardens; I beg him to take me to one of the two gardens that are open to the public.

I say goodbye to him when it’s time to visit Hanging Rock though, there’ll be plenty more kangaroos. If we go early enough we’ll catch groups of about 50 gathered together on the green fields, having breakfast, probably chatting about political issues and the upcoming days events. I also see some at the front of Hanging Rock. Oh, you know Hanging Rock! It’s that beautiful, 6 million year old

rare volcanic formation. It takes about 90 minutes to walk up and down Hanging Rock – that of course includes time to take pictures with both my iPhone and my SLR, plus time for just being a generally slow walker. But trust me you want to go slow because the views are fantastic, and the rocks can give the air of instability and danger.

Just think of how fantastic the relaxation time will be, when getting back to my little cabin with a day’s activity like that! On a good day, I might even run into a Koala or two.

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