New Vistara Direct Flights From New Delhi To Bali

by | Oct 21, 2023

Direct flight from New Delhi to Bali: Discover the new Vistara route connecting India to paradise.

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In a milestone move for the Indian aviation industry, a new direct route has been announced between New Delhi and Bali by Vistara. This marks the first-ever non-stop connection, in recent history, between any Indian city and the Indonesian paradise of Bali.

Starting from 01-December-2023, travellers can now fly directly to Bali without the hassle of layovers in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Singapore, or Jakarta. Previously, the absence of a direct route meant longer travel times of approximately 11-12 hours, and often higher costs. This new route slashes the travel time to just 8 hours and 5 minutes and offers a competitive price of INR 40,000.

The airline will operate the A321 Neo for this route, offering three classes for passengers: Economy priced at INR 40,000, Premium Economy at INR 55,000, and Business Class for those willing to splurge at INR 130,000.

One of the significant advantages for Indian travellers is the Visa on arrival facility for Indian citizens in Bali. This, combined with the direct flight, makes spontaneous getaways and planned vacations to Bali even more appealing.

It’s indeed surprising that it took this long for a direct route to materialize, especially considering Bali’s year-round allure as a tourist destination. The absence of a direct flight from Air India, the national carrier, and the lack of direct connectivity even from Mumbai, India’s bustling financial capital, has long been a point of contention among frequent travellers.

However, while the introduction of Vistara’s direct route is a welcome change, the flight timing might raise a few eyebrows. Departing at 00:30 from Delhi means travellers will be starting their journey post-midnight, which might not be the ideal kickoff for a holiday for many. Additionally, while the service was initially slated to begin in August, it has now been postponed to December.

While there are certain aspects that might need reconsideration, the introduction of a direct flight between New Delhi and Bali is a significant step forward. It promises to make the journey for Indian travellers more convenient and might pave the way for more such direct routes in the future. ◼

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