Odessa: The City of Laughter

Odessa has undergone several dramatic changes in citizenship and population, bloody revolutions, Nazi siege & occupation, heroic underground guerilla war, and even a cholera outbreak in its almost 220 years of history. What helped it to survive everything and emerge with vivid colors, is its relentless optimism, its undying sense of humor, creativity and artistry that permeate every pore of the city’s existence on this planet.

Odessans are lovers and traders, not fighters. They smile at everyone, if you’re a stranger here, we’re sure it will take few moments and you’ll feel much at home. Over 70 different nationalities reside in this major trading port. From the very childhood, they learn to co-exist peacefully and respect each other. This is a very colorful place and exceptional environment to enjoy life. This is where I was lucky enough to grow up. This is the city that will make you fall in love with it.

Quite interestingly, Odessa has unique and rich traditional and architectural values. In addition to being a major resort, international port, it also was the Russian capital of humor during Soviet times. Well now it is part of the Ukraine as a separate state but it still retains its status as a major international hub of laughs, and the special Odessa brand of humor is popular not only locally, but also in such places as Israel, Germany and New York.


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