Pablo Picasso on the French Riviera

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Pablo Picasso’s passing in the French Riviera town of Mougins. The Legendary Spanish Artist spent the last third of his life based in the South of France.

Picasso gifted 23 paintings and 44 drawings he created to the city. They are now on show at Antibes’ Musée Picasso. In February 1957, this museum was officially recognised as the first museum in the world to be wholly dedicated to the artist. The museum now spills over most of the Château and is crowded with works by Picasso.

Today the Galerie Madoura remains dedicated to Picasso. It offers dozens of his quirky bird shaped, bull-dotted, faun-splashed ceramics for sale. Picasso is still regarded as the greatest masterpiece of 20th century, and the body of works he left remains both, remains both admired and provocative.

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