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Paris Lap of Luxury

Timeless, elegant, the French capital is the ultimate treat for travellers who wish to indulge in boundless luxury. With 33 million visitors a year, the ‘City of Lights’ has long been a glittering magnet the world over and whether it’s a romantic weekend, a special celebration, a cultural tour or a shopping spree, it’s the perfect place to enjoy French flair and style and a taste of the high life like nowhere else on earth.For all-out indulgence, the best option is a private visit with a VIP agency specializing in bespoke itineraries for discerning guests. Choose ‘Parisian highlights’ or a specific theme, be it art or architecture, designer shopping, hidden gems or gourmet delights, and the red carpet will be unrolled every step of the way: private door to door transport, no rush, no ticket queues, no crowds, just occasionally rubbing shoulders with celebrities and other distinguished visitors. Such agencies do not reveal their secrets to all and sundry; this is an exclusive service for clients, saving time and hassle and opening doors one never knew existed.

At this level, what matters isn’t just what you know but who you know. Accommodation follows suite, a rooftop penthouse overlooking the river, a five star venue on the glamorous Champs Elysées, a hidden boutique hotel or a luxury houseboat on the Seine.If the budget won’t stretch to limousine and Champagne, upmarket tours are the next best thing shared by the elite. Itineraries include shopping, food and wine, seeking out unusual venues or top architectural gems. Far better than waiting for a taxi or getting to grips with the Metro.So what will it be? Glancing at the view from the top of the Eiffel Tower, posing for a professional photo shoot on the Trocadéro, wandering through the lanes of Montmartre or marvelling at stained glass in Notre-Dame cathedral? Even on a second visit, it’s worth taking another look for this city is a true ‘Parisienne’, smart, fashionable and for ever changing according to season, blossom in the spring, hats and parasols in summer, gorgeous autumn colours, garlands of lights brightening up winter evenings.

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