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Ruby cocoa bean’s ruby chocolate created by Barry Callebaut stands out on its own against its dark and while chocolate counterparts.

Sweet tooth? Sample ruby chocolate, the newest type of the creamy treat that is 100% naturally pigmented.

It is the newest addition to chocolate types since the introduction of white chocolate over 80 years ago. Created by Barry Callebaut, a Swiss-Belgian chocolatier, its recipe and production methods are a closely guarded secret.

Made from the ruby cocoa bean, it keeps its pretty pink colour after processing. Be prepared for a slightly fruity, tangy berry flavour, married with smooth creaminess.

Although this new dessert is a must on every foodie’s after-dinner plate, those who fancy a quick, sweet taste of the pink newcomer can purchase a ruby KitKat in convenience stores and vending machines across Switzerland. www.BarryCallebaut.ch

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© This article was first published in June-July 2019 edition of World Travel Magazine.

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