Putting Giant Pandas Back on the Map

With only 2,000 Giant Pandas left on the planet, the Atlanta Zoo is ecstatic to welcome the first birth of twin Giant Pandas in 26 years. Although undeinalbly adorable, the twins will be sure to keep the zoo’s animal care extremely busy. Twin births are not nearly the same as single births. To begin with, twins weigh less than single-born cubs meaning that the mortality risk is much higher. In addition, when twin cubs are born in the wild, the mother is only able to take care of one at a time. In order to ensure that the cubs spend quality time with their mother, the animal care center will rotate the cubs once every couple of months. The cubs are still pink, but the zoo reports that black should start cropping up in a few weeks! If you love visiting zoos while traveling, the cubs will have their very own exhibit in the fall. We can’t wait to see what guests think.

Maybe we should arrange a zoo-oriented itinerary in the coming days for all our fellow zoo goers!

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