Recomended By Locals

A True Singapore Experience

To get a true experience of Singapore’s customs and ways, the Capella’s Personal Assistants recommend taking a private bespoke tour to witness some unique facets of the local culture.

One of the private tour is Singapore’s disappearing trades. Guests are taken to one of the oldest local bakeries where they meet with the bakers and taste the difference between traditional bread versus the processed bread we have today. After that, they explore the trade of making “paper houses” these are cultural relics that the Chinese culture use to burn as offerings for their loved ones in the afterlife when paying their respects. Guests learn about this custom steeped in tradition and its modern manifestations. Lastly, guests immerse themselves in the Peranakan culture – a culture very unique to Singapore and parts of Malaya featuring a blend of Chinese, Malay and Western influences. Guests experience the Peranakan way of life, and the distinctive customs and practices in a typical Peranakan household as well as peruse intricate handicraft and beading that is synonymous to Peranakan upbringing.

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