Safari Family Holidays

Sighting a crouching lioness on the hunt may stir adrenaline within your own body, the suspense, just as she breaks out into a lithe running movement, is surreal. Africa is synonymous with rolling golden plains, breathtaking sunsets and of course, myriad game roaming capacious territories. Be it undertaking a sojourn to Kenya, or hitching a 4×4 burning up Tanzanian tracks, there are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with African wildlife. River safari cruises are another highlight if you prefer a comprehensive package involving both land and water sightseeing. Not every safari is the same, with each showcasing different qualities that enamour and educate the young, from tiger fishing lessons to hot air balloon rides, whale-watching escapades to penguin-spotting groups. Signing up for a safari tour is unlike any other. The unpredictability, the intimate embrace with nature, and the buzz that you get from seeing animals in their natural disposition – it is all quite fabulous.

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