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You may recognize Seychelles by another name, a name used by almost every visitor who sets foot on this archipelago in the Indian Ocean a thousand miles off the coast of Kenya.


You may recognize Seychelles by another name, a name used by almost every visitor who sets foot on this archipelago in the Indian Ocean a thousand miles off the coast of Kenya. They call it the Garden of Eden, for you cannot help but leap to such a conclusion upon seeing this pristine sanctuary of legendary beauty spread over 115 islands.

Seychelles pronounced as say-shells, the name alone conjures up images of powder-soft glittery white sands and hidden treasures. According to local legend, after God finished creating the earth, He had a handful of diamonds left over. He scattered the diamonds in the waters just east of Africa, thinking, “Here I can create something marvelous.” Thus Seychelles was created.

Humans discovered these islands in the early 1600s, and they’ve been careful to preserve their natural beauty ever since. The locals, known as Seychellois (say-shell-wah), are a rich mixture of Indian, African, French, Portuguese and Arab, with a few sentimental pirates and permanent castaways thrown in for good measure. Most common language here is English, yet Creole is spoken in the local kitchens, where spicy scrumptious cuisine is served up with fresh catches.

Overall the atmosphere on these mesmerising islands is calm, relaxed and hassle-free, just like your outbreak travel planning should be. Luckily, Seychelles is a playground travel agents know well, so they can set up your adventure to include the best islands for deep-sea fishing, bird watching, snorkeling or just lying around on your own private beach.

Your smile will be permanently fixed all the way from your travel agent’s office to your flight into Mahé Island, the largest island at 17 miles long and five miles wide, composed of striking peaks rising abruptly from the sea. Mahé is all about nature, and soon you’ll be all about enjoying it as you hike through rain forests, past small villages and hidden waterfalls before finding yourself alone on one of the island’s 75 beaches.

Sink your feet into La Digue Island, where enormous granite rocks decorate long, beautiful beaches ideal for long walks, swimming and snorkeling. There is no town or village on this highly stunning and photogenic jewel of the Indian Ocean, but you can set off in any direction with just a backpack and a bottle of water and find yourself in a secluded slice of heaven in no time flat. Don’t be surprised if your hiking trail is blocked by a boulder with eyes lumbering toward you until you step aside. It’s a rare tortoise, possibly over a hundred years old, and it moves for no one.

Seychelles truly is: a collection of unforgettables, from the beaches so soft to a wildlife of wonders. Talk to a trusted travel agent today to begin your island-hopping adventures. Travel agents know Seychelles makes a welcome addition to safari expeditions to Kenya, for after spending a week tracking big game, you’ll love the bare-footed luxury of these islands. Or if you want to visit a place your friends and neighbors have never heard of, let alone been to, your travel agent will send you to Seychelles, the capital of bragging rights.

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