South Asia’s HotSpots

The sheer diversity of countries that dot South Asia is a study in fascinating contrasts. There is Cambodia and Vietnam that are still emerging from their ravaged past. China is showing how development and business can globalise the most local of its cities. Bhutan with its happiness quotient gives you a peek into what makes it so mystical while Korea provides a glitzy account of its economic might and prosperity. Party places like Bali and Maldives beckon the adventure enthusiast with a never ending set of new things to do. In all this amalgamation of exotic with traditional and the modern, are a few common strands. South Asian hospitality, simplicity of its countryside, flavoured, spicy food that looks and tastes so different from the concoctions of the western world, indeed South Asia has many jewels to explore, visit and revisit. Here is a selection of some of the most buzzing cities that must qualify to be on your South Asia bucket list.


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