Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Beachfront Experience
SHA Wellness Clinic
El Albir, L’Alfas del Pi, Spain

“…the ideal combination of ancient oriental techniques and the ultimate advance in western medicine.” SHA Wellness Clinic

A pioneering well-being clinic and medical hotel spa, SHA Wellness Clinic is renowned for its techniques and treatments on improving health and wellness. Through the unique fusion of ancient oriental therapies and advanced Western medical techniques, SHA offers one of the leading natural therapies and advanced facilities in Europe Sitting atop of a hill in Sierra Helada Natural Park that overlooks the Costa Blanca coastline of El Albir, SHA Wellness Clinic has, inarguably,one of the best Mediterranean Sea views in the region. The mild and agreeable micro-climate of the area also guarantees fantastic temperatures all year around (the area is recognized by the World Health Organization as having one of the World’s best climates) – a bonus especially, if you are here for a wellness rejuvenation. Established in 2009, the SHA Wellness Clinic has won various spa and business awards over the last 5 years – a rather commendable achievement by a young establishment in a highly competitive industry.

Signature programs and treatments
A popular program among guests is Detox & Weight Loss. Ideal for people suffering from excess weight, fatigue, eating disorders and depression caused by appearance, the program consists of a series of medical consultations and diet nutrition based on macrobiotics. In addition, the medical team of SHA will also impart useful, practical knowledge about healthy eating so that guests will be able to practice them even after they have finished the program.Another interesting program to note is the Anti-Tobacco program, where smokers can get professional help to kick their habit. The program has also recently included psychotherapy to monitor guest’s progress

For specific treatments, a recommended experience would be the signature “SHA treatment” – a relaxing holistic therapy where enriching aromas, facial and body massage pamper you.

Macrobiotic Diet and Celebrity Therapists
A diet that promotes grains and vegetable and avoidance of animal products, it was long-assumed that Macrobiotic cuisine would be bland and boring. But at SHA, creative chefs have come up with tantalizing dishes that change perceptions. A modern twist on macrobiotic cuisine, SHA offers a variety of delicious dishes using organic products and seasonal ingredients.A simple and natural way to establish or re-establish a good health, it is no wonder so many health junkies are adopting the diet Besides food to look forward to, guests of SHA also get the chance to meet with famous therapists on the international scene. With their extensive knowledge about health and wellness in their respective fields, you can be sure that this will be a learning experience you won’t forget. Some notable visiting Masters in the past has include John Tsagaris, Paco Aviles,Yamuna Zake and Larry Fujimoto. For those who are keen, you will also be delighted to note that SHA will also be bringing in master therapies Karen Himlok (TCM), Stuart Bold (Meditation),Boniface Verney-Carron (Osteopathy) and many more over the coming months.

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