Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Exclusive Lagoon Experience
Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary
Phuket, Thailand

“We expect guests to feel that they have stepped into a Sanctuary for Senses.”Kanruethai Roongruang Executive Director of Spa Operations

Set amidst verdant tropical gardens, the Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary inspires romance, intimacy and rejuvenation. Home to gorgeous flora and migratory birds, the premier Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary is located on scenic Bang Tao Bay with views of a beautiful blue lagoon.Mesmerized by the beauty of the cobalt blue lagoons, founders of Banyan Tree incidentally purchased the vast section of coastal land along Bang Tao Bay. Little did they know that the land they purchased was the site of a former tin mine. Due to previous pollution activities by the mine, the land was deemed unsuitable to sustain development by a 1977 United Nations report. Rather than walking away from the pollution they faced, the founders dedicated themselves to cleansing the land. Planting over 7,000 trees based on the faith to nurse back an ecologically ravaged site, they eventually succeeded in transforming the area into an environmentally-sensitive oasis that it is today Guests will feel relaxed and ready to embark on a rejuvenating journey to physical,mental and spiritual renewal. Embracing the five senses with the harmonious synthesis of organic cuisine, award-winning body pampering and soul-soothing spa therapies, Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary aims to revitalise and rejuvenate their guests from the time they first step into Banyan Tree Spa Sanctuary till their departure from the resort.

The flagship Banyan Tree Spa
As the first Banyan Tree Spa, Banyan Tree Spa Phuket opened in 1994 and pioneered the tropical garden spa concept with its Eastern therapies and holistic focus on spiritual, mental and physical harmony. The first luxury ori-ental spa in Asia, Banyan Tree was involved in reintroducing an exotic blend of ancient health and beauty practices which had passed down from generation to generation, back into the spa industry. Using traditional Asian healing therapies with natural herbs and spices, the Banyan Tree Spa experience is delivered by professional spa therapists who are trained at the accredited Banyan Tree Spa Academy. The dedicated training and facilities ensure all Banyan Tree therapists deliver consistently high quality of service that exceed the expectations of discerning spa enthusiasts.

The Banyan Tree Signature
For spa lovers, do check out and experience the two exclusive packages offered by Banyan Tree Spa, the Spa Escapade and Retreat for the Senses.A relaxing quick getaway with a therapeutic 60-min in-villa body massage showcasing Banyan Tree Spa’s intuitive art of touch philosophy the Spa Escapade is the ideal package for those looking for a short vacation. For spa enthusiasts looking for a holistic experience,the Retreat For the Senses will be the ideal choice. An exclusive spa-all-you-can holiday retreat, this is perfect for individuals seeking a vacation to renew and recharge.

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