Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Beachfront Experience
Fusion Maia
Da Nang, Vietnam

“…a place where the focus is on the wellbeing of travelers.”Louk Lennaerts Chief Visionary Officer of Fusion Maia Da Nang

Whether you’re a honeymoon couple or an individual with a wellness objective in mind,those who are looking for a relaxing holiday and new experiences should definitely take note of Fusion Maia when brainstorming for travel ideas to Vietnam.A charming destination spa located on the beautiful My Khe Beach, Fusion Maia was born from a philosophy of relaxed luxury, Natural Living and personal connections. A place where relaxation and the wellbeing of its guests are of utmost priority, Fusion Maia sets itself apart from the rest with its all-spa inclusive concept and individualized service.As Asia’s 1st all-inclusive destination spa,guests get to enjoy a range of spa treatments from massages, wraps and facial to wellbeing activities such as breathing, yoga and meditation– at no extra cost. Some key signature treatments that are highly recommended are Fusion Feeling, Mindful Energy Therapy, Natural Living Massage (guests get to select from a choice of 7 signature oils aligned with the spa program), Aromatherapy Massage, Fusion Stretch Massage and Aromatherapy Facial.

The Fusionistas
The very embodiment of Fusion Maia’s core principles of holistic wellness and down-toearth five star services, the Fusionistas are wellness specialists who will help create and guide your spa and wellness experience during your stay. Warmer than butlers and more creative than a concierge, the Fusionistas channel their unique, international personalities in concert with guests’ needs and interests. Under their special care, guests do not have to worry about missing a massage, booking a yoga class or planning a healthy meal – as everything is taken care of by the meticulous Fusionista.

Architecture, facilities and design
Boosting private courtyards and pools, the architecture of Fusion Maia was inspired by the Citadel in Hue’s Forbidden City. When guests enter the resort, they enter from the side, not the middle, which generates a sense of mysteriousness and curiosity. The resort has three distinct parts: the central building – where the heart and stomach of Fusion Maia are, the spa building – which is set up behind the central building to create feelings of emotional well-being, and the surrounding private villas – where guests get to choose from an array of luxurious accommodations.

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