Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Stunning Mountain & Valley Experience
Rancho La Puerta
Tecate, Mexico

“Guests will experience a renewal in their mind, body and spirit on a journey to true wellness.” Roberto Arjona Chief Executive

Founded in 1940 by Edmund and Deborah Szekely,Rancho La Puerta spans an area of over 3,000 acre of gardens, mountains and meadows in Tecate, Mexico.Hosting approximately 125-140 guests each week, Rancho La Puerta stands out from the rest with its on-property organic farm, vast array of fitness, lectures and workshops. Set in a tranquil setting in the shadow of Baja California’s Mt. Kuchumaa, guests of La Puerta enjoys spectacular weather where the climate all year is warm and dry.Unlike some destination spas and wellness retreats, staying with Rancho La Puerta is at least a 7 day commitment. A package that aims to make a lasting impact on its guests, the classic program is based on the belief that one can only feel the true benefits of nature-living in a week’s time. With so much to do and see,guests of Rancho La Puerta will hardly feel bored spending time away

The Classic 7-Day Program
The classic 7-day vacation starts from Saturday to Sunday, catering to fitness, relaxation, life transitions, empowerment or achieving goals.Besides providing an mix of active exercises,challenging hikes and nutritious cuisines,guests of Rancho La Puerta can also choose to do relaxation activities such as meditation or body massages Due to its location and limited network access,guests are encouraged to leave their digital devices at home – providing the perfect opportunity for a digital detox as well. This is a preferred vacation for individuals who are active,nature-loving, fitness-focused, inspired,and dedicated to wellness. The Ranch has this year launched a new health and wellness program called Executive Wellness. With the goal of alleviating health and wellness program called Executive Wellness.With the goal of alleviating health issuesfor guests holding high-stress jobs, Rancho LaPuerta has partnered with LifeWellness Institute,a premier medical centre in San Diego,to provide a one-week program that specializes in positive life transformations under expertguidance.

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