Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Stunning Mountain & Valley Experience
Rancho La Puerta
Tecate, Mexico

The Land of Rancho La Puerta
Spread over 3,000 acre of unspoiled, rolling countryside at a 1,750′ altitude, all accommodations,gyms, exercise studios are located within the private valleys of Rancho La Puerta.Located near Mt. Kuchumaa – the first natural feature in United States to be recognized as a National Historic Site, the campsite has a historic value in American history.There are a total of 83 rooms for guests of all kinds: solo travellers, doubles, triples or quads. Spacious and private, each accommodation has its own unique décor. Spread over 150 acres of Mediterranean-style gardens, native trees, olive groves, ponds, and fountains,the gardens are all individually landscaped and surrounded by sun-filled patios. All accommodations come with a living room, desks, fireplaces,kitchenette, standard amenities, and a distinctive Mexican culture and folk art.A feature worth mentioning at Rancho La Puerta would be its working farm. Named ‘Tres Estrellas’- which means “Three Stars” in Spanish – this six-acre organic farm is located north of the Ranch area. The farm produces fresh vegetables, herbs and fruits for the Ranch’s kitchen using organic gardening and companion-planting techniques. The farm is also the site of the Ranch’s cooking school and culinary centre, La Cocina Que Canta.

The Ranch’s Spirit
Known as the ‘Friendly Spa’ for its unique blend of camaraderie, the Rancho La Puerta is branded for its warm hospitality. Because almost all guests arrive and depart on the same days together, the experience is like a cruise on land where making new friends is easy. Due to its long history and warm service, there is hardly a week goes by when there aren’t at least 20 or more guests who have been to the Ranch at least 10 times or more. Providing the true luxury of time and space, the Ranch provides the ultimate vacation to breathe freely and relax.

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