Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Beachfront Experience
Fusion Maia

Besides comprehensive spa facilities and fitness centre, the resort also has a library, a golf course and a games room with billiard and table tennis. Guests of Fusion Maia can also rent equipments for snorkeling and windsurfing activities.central building and indirectly connects to a water channel that leads to the pool surface,which in turn leads to the sea, giving the resort a feeling of ‘infinity’. The square form and simple lines are the unifying language of the whole project and can be seen throughout the resort, from central building layout, room fixtures to food presentation. Everything is integrated to create a feeling of connection, differentiation and purpose.

Guests of Fusion Maia
From Europe and Australia to Singapore and Hong Kong, Fusion Maia has hosted guests from all around the world. A variety of guest profiles, particularly couples – all those seeking sanctuary of Fusion Maia has a spa & wellness objective in mind. Guests from long-haul destinations typically stay for 7 nights or more,while guests from short-haul destinations typically spend 3-4 nights each visit.

A day at Fusion Maia…
Begin the day with the sun coming in the window of your villa and glistening on your private pool. Enjoy a healthy juice, and head down to the beach for a relaxing session of yoga and breathing. When you are done, choose to have your breakfast at any time, any place from breakfast on bed to breakfast on the beach,or a lazy breakfast at lunchtime – it’s all up to you. Feeling adventurous? In that case, hop on the complimentary shuttle to H.i An and visit local restaurants, tailors and stroll the streets of the ancient town. Back at the resort; take an afternoon dip in your choice of pools – the private pool of your villa, the infinity pool at the stunning ocean, or the spa pool with waterfall hidden in the tropical spa gardens. For those seeking unique local experience, you can visit the spa gardens and participate in a traditional lantern ceremony meditation in peaceful surroundings.At sunset, enjoy a pre-dinner tea / coffee or cocktail on the relaxing day beds. To conclude the day, refresh and enjoy a delicious and creative fine dinning cuisine in Five Dining Room, serenaded by Rain the pianist

Sights around town
Home to several famous UNESCO sites, guests of Fusion Maia Da Nang should not miss the unique opportunity of visiting these heritage sites. These include: the Imperial City of Hu.(the design inspiration of Fusion Maia), the Old Town of H.i An, and the M. S.n ruins.For those who are into stone sculpting and stone-cutting crafts, a visit to the famous Marble Mountains is a definitive must.

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