Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Stunning Mountain & Valley Experience
Grand Resort Bad Ragaz
Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Signature treatments
Available exclusively at the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, the sequoia ceremony is a unique treatment that begins with a short, meditative breathing exercise and a Kneipp alternating hot and cold footbath, followed by foot reflexology and a whole body Pantha Jama massage in combination with warm oil. The ceremony is unique because a giant sequoia (also known as the mammoth tree) is used to ‘channel’ positive energy into a person’s body. It was said that sensitive people can feel the source of power and energy coming from the mammoth tree when they stand next it. This is exactly what the sequoia treatment is all about: To strengthen and rejunvenate your body, mind and soul.The water journey is a treatment that takes place in one of the thermal water swimming pools, the water journey is a sensuous and invigorating spa treatment where bowls are placed on the body and made to gently vibrate by contact with a mallet, resulting in a resonance that penetrates throughout the body that leads to deep relaxation.Floating on water, the healing sound vibrationgently flows into the body, affecting the structure and health of cells and organs in soothing waves of calm. Tensions and blockages are gently released and slowly melt away,and for those suffering from emotional and mental stress, being bathed by such rich overtones causes feeling of emotional heaviness or depression to lift.

Sights around town
An hour’s drive from Zurich, guests can visit the famous village of Maienfeld that inspired Joanna Spyri to write the renowned story of Heidi.

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