Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Beachfront Experience
The Datai Langkawi
Langkawi, Malaysia

“We wish for guests to experience The Art of Malaysian Hospitality…”Angeline Lim Director of Spa

Catering to an A-list group of cultural cognoscenti,The Datai is located on the northwestern tip of Langkawi, Malaysia – an island of jungle-covered mountains, lakes, caves and waterfalls, where the ancient rainforest spills onto an endless strip of shoreline creating a lush, green-to-blue paradise.Conceived as a tropical retreat, immersed in a rainforest, The Datai is an icon of luxury.Its secluded villas are set on meandering paths leading down to a private sandy beach, facing the Andaman Sea.The island of Langkawi is located at the northern part of Peninsular Malaysia, where the Straits of Malacca meets the Indian Ocean. 30 kilometres off the coast of Kedah state and the largest of a cluster of 104 islands, Langkawi is an island of natural beauty blessed with lofty limestone outcrops, dense vegetation, pristine

beaches and azure waters. This diverse setting creates the perfect getaway for nature lovers, marine and sea sports enthusiasts, as well as those seeking luxury solitude

The Spa at The Datai
The concept of the resort’s spa is centred on the Art of Ramuan, a Malaysian herbal tradition.Grounded to its heritage through the sense of place, philosophy and origins, the spa expresses the Ramuan heart in ways that resonates with the local culture. Beautifully integrated into the lush surroundings of the tropical rainforest, The Spa at The Datai is out to please. The signature Datai treatment is the Ramuan Ritual. Starting with a coconut milk foot soak and foot scrub made of round rice, wild ginger, pandan leaf and kaffir Lime, the ritual is followed by a soothing head massage with rose petals and sandalwood.

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