Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide

Spa & Wellness Exclusive Guide
Beachfront Experience
The Mulia Resort & Villa
Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia

“……a total escape from a hectic, daily life where guests are pampered…”The Mulia, Resort & Villa

Located along the serene coastline of Nusa Dua that surrounds the resort, guests get to experience the tranquil landscapes. With stunning beach frontage along Nusa Dua’s bay, The Mulia evokes a relaxed yet polished sensibility.From expansive and elegant suites to distinct lounge and oceanfront pools, The Mulia’s luxury accommodation speaks of style, comfort and service.An independent luxury hotel in Indonesia,The Mulia, Mulia, Resort & Villas offers international standard facilities and impeccable services; making the resort a real sanctuary for discerning travelers.

Bali’s first Ice Room
Developed by award-winning Italian Spa specialists,the Ice Room is a unique feature of Mulia Spa. A recommended experience for all Mulia guests, the Ice Room is reminiscent of an Icefall Crystal fountain with temperature set at -1 degrees Celsius. Designed to complement the Spa’s hot-cold therapies where clients alternate between steamy and icy environments,the sudden and extreme change in temperatures is said to be beneficial to the immune system as it helps to stimulate blood circulation Signature treatmentsOther than the Ice Room, Mulia Spa also offers an array of exclusive treatments. Mulia Mermaid – This stimulating and detoxifying therapy helps increase blood circulation and promotes body purification. Perfect for guests who feel lethargic and sluggish, the treatment starts with a soaking session at the Hydrotonic pool with water jets. Then, guests are exposed to an aroma steam infused with essences of passion fruit and mint at the Wellness Suite.

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