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Congratulations to the Brazilian soccer team for winning the Confederations Cup 2013!


purCongratulations to the Brazilian soccer team for winning the Confederations Cup 2013! What does this do for travel? Money! According to Embratur’s calculations, tourism to Brazil and the visitations to the 6 Confederations Cup destinations reeled in more than £90 million to the local economy during the 15 days of the competition. In 2014 all eyes will be on Brazil for hosting the FIFA World Cup. Although the world comes together for sport, this has caused turmoil in local cities. Brazilian locals have protested against the substantial amount of the city’s money that has gone into hosting the FIFA World Cup. With that all the negative press occurring, the FIFA committee announced that prices for tickets will be dropping 70% due to the protests that occurred towards the end of this year’s Confederations Cup. On the other hand, die hard supporters are arguing that the money that was generated by the Confederations Cup went back into the economy helping local businesses and therefore it wasn’t really harming local businesses. Do you think the World Cup or other sporting events could be eventually discontinued due to economically damaging consequences? Or is the power of sport too strong? Share your opinions!

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